Traumatically injured and disabled in an accident at the Central Virginia water-treatment plant where she served as a Water Operator, Rose LaFleur has not given up. A fighter and lifelong learner, she has designed her own rehabilitation and recovery program. Informed by her background in health and wellness studies long before the accident, Rose LaFleur continues to explore every avenue for recovery from neurological and physical damage, including chemistry and physics. The experience has presented numerous challenges and frustrations, both from within and due to outside influences.

Rose LaFleur grew up in the Midwest, where she attended college and graduate school. After receiving certification in health education, she completed a Master of Business Administration in Human Development and Curriculum and Instruction. Pursuing her interest in health and wellness beyond her formal education, Ms. LaFleur also researched the relationship between environmental factors and health. For several years, she worked as a technology contractor before accepting a position at the water-treatment plant a year and four months before her accident.

Even though still disabled and recovering slowly, Rose LaFleur continues to focus on what she does best, researching and educating. She has made discoveries on unseen neurological damage that could be useful to the military and those debilitated by injury or disease. Rose LaFleur remains determined to inform the public, and most of all, she seeks to assists others in similar situations, bringing the hope of a brighter future to those recovering and their families.


Rivanvanna Water and Sewer Authority

Water Operator

May 2003 - Sep 2004 | Charlottesville , VA

Self Employed


March 2000 - March 2003 | Charlottesville, VA


Northern Illnois University


Sep 1978 - June 1988 | DeKalb, IL

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